Koichi Murai

Koichi Murai was born in Sapporo Hokkaido and throughout his school years,his main interest was sports(Ski Jump and Baseball)After his Agriculture university graduation,he worked and studied in the United States.

He returned to Japan with with an awareness of his lack of knowledge of his own culture. Taking a job in a Kimono shop enabled him to learn about Japanese culture and history from a kimono perspective.That led to his interest in studying Black Ink and the way of the Brush which helped him express his profound interest in Bushido(the way of Samurai)in an artistic way

Today Murai uses his art to build bridges of friendship with people throughout Japan and around the globe.One of these bridges took him to Tohoku where he volunteered in the relief efforts to help Tsunami victims.

Bridges to the United States and to Italy Germany… European countries brought  him to culture events where he taught Black ink art and Calligraphy.

Assisting People create their own Kanji Calligraphy names and art of Dragon watching the joy the experience gives them is Murai’s joy.

Drawing the Angel wings in Urbino Italy

Art experiences

2009 July Japan Art Festival in London
2010 Mar Japan Art Festival
2010 Oct 1st HyperJapanFestival
2010 Nov PR hokkaido in Metro Ski Event collabrated with JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization)

2018 Aug Solo Exhibition「World of Blue」in Homage Gallery in Sapporo

2018 Oct Solo Ehibition 「World of Blue」  in Naritazan Museum Calligraphy ( NARITASAN SHINSHOJI TEMPLE )

2019 Jan Solo Exhibition in Esquisse Cafe in Sapporo

2019 Coming on next is… Hokkaido University Musium


2012 June Daiichi-art contest nominate
2014 May Tokyo international suiboku art exibition nominate
2015 Jan Rookies Award by Sumie art

2016 Jun award of excellence of Sumie

Black Ink Traditional Workshop

the traditional Japan sumi(charcoal),ink was first used over 2500years ago. Japanese Black ink calligraphy and pictures inspire the viewer to contemplate the beauty of the brush strokes.